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Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist in Blytheville, AR? Many people who are unsatisfied with their smile and want to boost their confidence will consider a smile makeover with a Cosmetic Dentist at Higginbotham Family Dental in Blytheville, AR. Although we are a Family Dentist in Blytheville, AR our dentists are fully certified in all cosmetic dental procedures. Request An Appointment for a free cosmetic consultation today.

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What Are The Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Cosmetic dentists typically perform four main types of cosmetic dental procedures

Teeth Whitening is the most basic option for changing your smile. However, it can only change the color of your smile, not the overall appearance. Dental Crowns are another way to change your smile. Sometimes a veneer isn’t a good option for a patient and we recommend dental crowns at Higginbotham Family Dental. Crowns are more sturdy and last longer than veneers. For those patients who are completely missing teeth, dental implants are a great option. Dental implants must first have a titanium screw placed into the jawbone and then a permanent crown placed on top once the screw area heals. Dental implants are a permanent alternative to partials and dentures as well.

Do Cosmetic Dental Procedures Cause Pain?

Our cosmetic dentists in Jonesboro, AR are trained to cause little to no pain during your cosmetic procedure. Numbing agents will be used to numb any areas receiving treatment and we also offer nitrous-oxide gas to keep patients calm and comfortable during their treatment. Recovery for cosmetic dental procedures will depend on the exact treatment but most patients are back to normal in 1-3 days depending on the extent of their cosmetic dental procedure.

How Much Does It Cost For Cosmetic Dentistry?

The cost of cosmetic dentistry varies per procedure and per office. Treatment can start anywhere from $100 for teeth whitening all the way to full smile makeovers which could cost several thousand dollars. Luckily, at Higginbotham Family Dental in Blytheville, AR we offer payment plans and in-house financing to help make your dream smile a possibility. Click Here To Apply For In-House Financing Today.

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