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Dental Cleaning in Jonesboro
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Dental Cleaning in Little Rock

Are you looking to have a dental cleaning in Jonesboro? We want to help you prevent the need for dental repairs through routine dental cleanings, x-rays, and exams. However, we will help make the most of your daily preventative oral healthcare routine. Firstly, we do this by doing things like demonstrating effective dental cleaning, brushing, and flossing techniques during your check-ups. Secondly, if your teeth are likely to suffer from cavities, we may suggest fluoride treatments and toothpaste for cavity prevention. We will customize your dental cleaning schedule based on your unique oral needs. Thirdly, patients whose teeth experience and suffer from more plaque buildup may benefit from three or four hygiene appointments each year. In addition, you may also have Periodontal Disease which we can treat in our offices. Moreover, there will not be a need to refer you out to a specialist in most cases.

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Dental Sealants

So we know it can certainly be a struggle to get children to brush and floss properly during their daily home dental cleanings. Meanwhile, these two processes are the best options to prevent tooth decay, subsequently, dental sealants are another option during their dental cleaning. To clarify, a dental sealant is a thin, plastic, protective covering that is applied to a child’s molars that helps stop tooth decay and cavities. Most importantly, dental sealants are painless to apply and can save a child a lot of oral health problems in the future. In addition, most dental insurance plans cover dental sealants for children and can be done on the same day as their dental cleaning. If it is their first dental visit, we also suggest showing them fun dental videos before their dental cleaning appointment. Colgate produces great videos about dental hygiene on Youtube. Here is an example of one you can use, called Meet the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Tooth Defenders.

What Services Are Offered At This Dentist in Little Rock?

Dental services we offer for the entire family are:

and much more, click here to find out about all the services we offer!

What Insurance Are In Our Network?

We are in-network with most insurance. Some common insurances we are in-network within Little Rock are Delta Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Guardian, MetLife, Aetna, MCNA, Delta Dental Smiles, Careington, Cigna, Humana, Tricare, Arkansas Municipal Health, Emblem Health, and many more. For a full list of insurances, we are in-network with click here or contact us.

What If I Don’t Have Insurance To See A Little Rock Dentist?

If you don’t have dental insurance that is not a problem, we offer our very own Discount Dental Plan and Dental Payment Plans to make your dental treatment affordable so you can start your treatment right away.

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