Dental Crowns, In-lays & On-lays

When a tooth incurs extensive decay, a crack, or significant damage, a crown, inlay, on-lay, or bridge can restore its function, structure, and strength. Dental crowns are created in a laboratory from materials that mimic natural tooth structure. Dr. Higginbotham and his associates place dental crowns, an established brand of great quality. A crown fits snugly over the portion of a tooth that extends above the gum line. Inlays and on-lays, also made in a dental lab, fit inside a hole left behind by tooth decay. We take pride in your new smile and make sure they look as natural as the rest of your teeth. From the shape, color, and length, no detail is too minor to ensure we restore your smile.

If your smile needs aesthetic or restorative repairs, call an office today to schedule a comprehensive evaluation and consultation.

We know crown treatment may not be in the budget during emergencies so we offer dental payment plan options. So you can go to Care Credit and apply through their site if you prefer a third party for your financing. Or you can apply for our in-house dental plans on our Dental Payment Plans page.

If you do not have dental insurance to help with the cost of crown treatment, we can likewise recommend signing up to be a member of our Discount Dental Plan.

The discount plan can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on your treatment and cleanings a year. For example, members can benefit up to $200 off per crown. Most importantly they can save over $500 in yearly cleaning, exams, -rays, and fluoride treatment. In addition, the plan can help members maintain cleaning visits twice a year, so the 5-year restorative warranty will stay valid.

Dental Crown and Bridges
Dental Crowns
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