Dental Payment Plans For Patients Looking For Affordable Dentistry

Our offices offer dental payment plans for our patients. We want every patient to get the timely dental care they need to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile. However, if you don’t have dental insurance or just need help with deductibles, co-pays, or non-covered treatments, we have a solution that can work for you. For example, payment plans can be used for braces, root canals, crowns, dentures, and even dental implants. Then, our staff is here to help you pay for the dental treatment you need with our payment plans. 

The Time is Now!

You can apply with a fast, online application and flexible monthly payment plans. Above all, don’t postpone your dental care one moment longer. In addition to getting clear dental treatment plans and estimates, you will get payment plan options to help you get started.

Why Apply For a Dental Payment Plan?

Most patients shy away from getting dental work done because they think it is not affordable. However, our payment plan options take that worry away. During a dental appointment, our team will let patients know how to get started right away. Firstly, patients will come in for an exam and x-rays to decide what treatment you need. Secondly, a financial coordinator will go over estimates, including insurance benefits if needed. Finally, the financial coordinator will go over payment options. So patients will leave knowing what their down payment and monthly payment amounts will be. 

Let’s Get Started!

As a result, patients will have a clear idea of cost, payments, and when they can get their treatment. The only thing left is to make monthly payments, and enjoy their new healthy smile. To sum up, dental payment plans with Higginbotham Family Dental will give patients:

Affordable monthly payments, no interest in the financed amount, an immediate decision without affecting your credit, and it is 100% confidential.

How Do I Apply?

Patients will need to submit the form below with all the required information in order to apply for payment plan options. Online applications from this site are for individuals only. If patients need a co-signer, they will need to stop by an office location to fill out a payment plan application with the co-signer. After that, the application will be submitted to the finance department. Applicants will then receive a response via phone or email. To clarify, down payments and monthly payments are based on a dental treatment plan and credit score.  Once the application is submitted, it is best to fill out a Request An Appointment form. Subsequently, any patient that has not had an exam at our office will need to be seen, so a treatment plan can be diagnosed.


  • By applying for this payment plan, I am asking Higginbotham Family Dental (HFD) to issue me an In-House Payment Plan, and agree that: All information I am providing in this application to HFD is correct in its entirety, and they may obtain information from others about me (including requesting reports from consumer reporting agencies as a soft pull, employment & Wages, and other sources) to evaluate my application or determine whether to start an in-house payment plan account, and to review, maintain, or collect my account. HFD reserves the right to refuse to open an In-House Payment Plan account in my name if they determine that I no longer meet the HFD credit criteria or if I do not have sufficient income.

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