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Dental Questions and Answers

“What sets your practice apart from the others?” 

Our patients come first at all of our dental office locations. We offer noise-cancelling headsets for our patients to listen to music, and they can use them with their mobile device. Our team is not only concerned about your dental health, but your entire well-being. For example, we offer all patients at all of our dental office locations amenities such as a neck pillow, blanket, television remote, bottled water, hot coffee, and virtual reality goggles.  Our caring team will be happy to answer your questions about dental care, services, finances, or other topics. Our staff has invested in many hours of training. They work hard on continuing their education so that they can bring our patients the best care that modern dentistry has to offer. In short, you’ll be informed and comfortable; you’ll receive long-lasting, beautiful dental work when you choose our office for your dental care.

“Where can I learn about financing options, payment methods, and which insurances you accept?”

Just ask! HFD files most insurances, including out-of-network insurances. If your insurance provider fails to pay their estimated portion, your balance will reflect the difference. Cash, check, and credit card payments are accepted at all of our locations. We do offer in-house dental payment plans or we accept plans through Care Credit. You can also learn about our Discount Dental Plan for uninsured patients. Call us for more information at any of our dental office locations.

“How can I improve my smile’s appearance?”

Explore the cosmetic services we offer, like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, Snap-On Smiles, and complete smile makeovers. You’ll also find that your smile can be brighter, straighter, and more beautiful in just a few dental visits. Dr. Higginbotham and his associates will assess your gums, bite, and dentition, and then they will discuss the goals you have set for your image. With this information, they can recommend the best procedures for your unique situation.

“Does teeth whitening really work?”

Absolutely! Over a million successful Zoom! teeth whitening procedures have been performed to date and more than fifty-thousand Zoom! systems are in use worldwide. Depending on your teeth’s current color and type of staining, Zoom! may brighten your teeth up to eight shades whiter! We will discuss with you your expectations for your smile. We also have several options for professional whitening treatments. For instance, we have Zoom! Quick, Zoom! Pens and customized take-home whitening trays at all of our dental office locations. All whitening options are very effective.

“What are dental implants, and how do they differ from dentures and partials?”

Dental implants are anchored into the jawbone by small titanium posts that act like natural tooth roots. Dentures and partials are often held in place by clasps that attach to natural teeth. Because dental implants mimic natural dentition, they don’t slip like dentures and partials possibly can. Dental implants can be cared for as natural teeth with twice-a-day brushing, daily flossing, and bi-annual hygiene visits. Dentures and partials require messy creams and adhesives, as well as a special cleaning regimen. Patients find dental implants superior in comfort compared to dentures and partials, with dental implants lasting much longer.

“Are aesthetic restorations as reliable as traditional metal restorations?”

Dentists have varying opinions as to which types of restorations, aesthetic or traditional, are superior. However, Dr. Higginbotham and his associates have taken many continuing education courses and he has found that aesthetic fillings and crowns offer durability, as well as beauty.

Our Dentists will suggest a material that will endure normal stress, based on the location of your restoration. For instance, back teeth incur more stress than front teeth, so a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown may be the best option. Modern aesthetic restorations are safe and long-lasting. If you have questions about any of our services at our dental office locations, give us a call.

“Will you see my children and my grandparents?”

We will be certainly be glad to see all members of your family, including children and grandparents! Higginbotham Family Dental provides services for the entire family, so we will gladly treat your youngest and oldest family members. Our services range from preventive dental sealants for children, to dental implants and dentures for patients missing teeth. We appreciate your referrals and will provide the same, gentle care to your loved ones as we have extended to you.

“Why do some doctors refer patients for root canals, extractions, and implant surgery?”

All dentists go to dental school to learn general dentistry. However, some dentists continue their education with advanced training. Dr. Higginbotham and his associate’s training and experiences have made them confident with the many procedures that other dentists refer to specialists. Furthermore, this means that they can perform many cases of root canals, extractions, and implant surgery at any of our office locations.

“Do you take walk-ins or have emergency appointments?”

At Higginbotham Family Dental, we understand that dental emergencies happen. Therefore, we accept walk-in patients the same day if you are in pain. We will work you in as soon as possible to relieve you of any discomfort and get your oral health back on track. In addition, we also see patients on the weekend, including emergencies and pre-made appointments. Simply call one of our dental offices or stop by the location nearest to you in Jonesboro, Paragould, Blytheville, West Memphis, and Little Rock, AR, Kennett, MO, or Memphis and Bartlett, TN.

We have several convenient locations in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri, with some offices offering appointment times after 5 pm and on Saturdays. Above all, your convenience and comfort are very important to our staff. Give them a call or send them a text message to have any dental questions you may have answered. For more information or to have your questions answered on in-house financing with Higginbotham Family Dental visit our, Dental Payment Plans page. For more information on a third-party financing option that we accept, you can visit carecredit.com.

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