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In-Network Dentists With Your Insurance In Kennett, MO

Higginbotham Family Dental has in-network dentists with your insurance in our Kennett, MO office. We understand it is important for us to be in-network with most insurance companies for our patients. Dentistry can be costly and we don’t want patients to have more barriers keeping them from the treatment they need. Maintaining good oral health is important. We choose to be in-network with most insurance companies to provide our patients with in-network discounted rates. This also allows us to give our patients the best estimates, and then they can plan their treatment and how they can get it all done. To request an appointment with our in-network dentists click here.

How Do I Find Out If My Dentist in Kennett, MO Is In My Network?

To find out if our dentists are in your network in Kennett, you can contact your insurance company. Many dental insurance companies have websites that list in-network providers. Higginbotham Family Dental has a full list of companies or networks we are in-network with that you can see when you visit on our website.

What If My Dentist Is Not In My Dental Insurance Network?

If Higginbotham Family Dental in Kennett, MO is not in-network, then we can look at your insurances out-of-network benefits to give you the best estimate. On occasion, we will contact your dental insurance company and see what their in-network fees are to determine if becoming in-network with them is an option for our dental offices.

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What If I Can’t Afford My Dental Co-Pay?

Some patients can’t afford to pay their dental co-pay in full. Our dental office has a financial coordinator who helps our patients plan when to get their treatment done and how they can afford it. We know patients want to keep their smiles healthy. We offer payment plans through our in-house financing with down payments starting as little as $250. Monthly payments also start as low as $150. Our in-house financing is based on your treatment, your co-pay amount, as well as a soft pull on your credit that does not affect your overall credit score. Patients can apply for financing at our Kennett, MO offices or online, click here.

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