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Brushing your teeth is an important event that should ideally happen two times every day. Although many people are consistent about brushing their teeth, few people brush everywhere they need to in their mouths.

Due to the grooves of teeth and hard-to- reach back teeth, spots get missed and plaque can build up. When plaque isn’t consistently removed, it can turn into tartar, where it will need to be removed by a dentist.

The following are important places you should brush in your mouth that many people miss. Are you missing these places? Read on to find out more!


Although our teeth are the main focus of our brushing routine, the gumline should get some attention, too. This is where your gums meet your teeth. Most oral healthcare professionals recommend brushing with your toothbrush head angled down at a 45-degree angle towards
the gum-line to remove any food and bacteria trapped there.


It’s essential to be gentle when brushing your teeth and gums, especially if you have gum disease or are experiencing gum recession. Brush carefully, ensuring you clean your gumline while still giving your teeth enough attention.

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Many people also neglect to brush their tongue as part of their regular oral care routine. Brushing your tongue is important—but why?

Your tongue is home to bacteria just like the rest of your mouth. It can cause bad breath when not regularly cleaned, allowing bacteria and food particles to get trapped by mucus on the surface of your tongue.

Fortunately, brushing your tongue is simple enough and doesn’t require any additional tools besides your regular toothbrush. Start in the back of your mouth and brush towards the front when it comes to your tongue and rinse with water afterwards. You don’t need much pressure to get your tongue clean with your toothbrush, so again, carefulness and consistency is the best

Back Sides of Front Teeth

While many people are relatively savvy at brushing all sides of their molars, the big teeth in the back of the mouth, the front teeth are often overlooked.
These missed areas include the back of your front bottom teeth and the back of your front top teeth, which include your incisors, canines, and laterals. Tartar can easily build up here if you’re consistently missing these places when you brush.
Yes, brushing behind your front teeth will require some maneuvering with your toothbrush, but once you get into the habit of it, these places will no longer feel difficult to reach. Beware of hidden plaque in these areas—if you can feel the fuzzy texture of plaque on the back sides of your front teeth, be sure not to miss these places when you brush today!

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Do you commonly miss these essential places in your mouth to brush? From brushing the gumline to your tongue to the back sides of your front teeth, getting all these areas is important for removing plaque. Remember that a professional cleaning every six months can enhance your oral care routine and ensure you’re not missing any spots?

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