Missing Tooth in Little Rock, AR

You have several options at our office for a missing tooth in Little Rock, AR if you are missing one tooth or several teeth. You can get a bridge, partial, a single implant, or even an implant denture. All these options range in prices and have different processes and longevity. At Higginbotham Family Dental we have different payment options to make sure you can afford the dental care you need.  The best way to find out which option and price range is best for you we suggest you schedule a free cosmetic consultation, you can call us at 501-673-3905 or book an appointment online. 

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Implants For Missing Teeth

The option that provides the best long term quality of life is an implant. We have very skilled dentists to place implants right in our office, so you don’t have to be referred out to another office. We want our patients to be able to get all the treatment they need in one place. The implant is placed in your jaw bone where the missing tooth once was and is completed in one visit. Our patients leave with the implant in place with little to no pain and some can even go back to work after their appointment.

Whether it is a front or back tooth, an implant or implants can give you your smile back. You can get a single immissing tooth dental implants plant and crown or you can get an implant bridge or partial. After three to six months when the implant has healed then you will come in to start the crown placement process. For those missing all their teeth and have not been satisfied with dentures, we can offer implant dentures that snap in and are removable for cleaning or a permanent implant denture that never comes out. The cost for an implant has a wide range since some patients need bone grafting. To replace one tooth that does not need bone grafting it typically costs around $3,500 if you don’t have insurance. Implant dentures also have a large price range so it is best to schedule a free consultation to find out your options.

If you are looking at all of your options for the best quality of life, then implant treatment is your best option. We can place implants in our office in Little Rock, AR. All implant procedures are usually anywhere from three or more appointments before they are all completed.

Bridge For Missing Teeth

Many people that are missing teeth choose a bridge option. Most insurances cover bridge treatment, and it is a little more affordable than an implant. Just like an implant, a bridge can cover one or more missing teeth. The price will depend on how many teeth you are replacing. A Bridge may not last as long as an implant but will last for a long time as long as it is taken care of properly with professional cleanings and exams at your dental office.

Partial For Missing Teeth

A partial is another option for one or more missing teeth. This is by far the cheapest option to replace teeth. As long as you still have a few healthy teeth left to act as anchors for your partial to hold on to then this can be an option for you.  Partials are removable so they are not permanent. They are cost-effective because you can replace multiple teeth by adding them to the partial. There are different types of partials to choose from and the dentist will go over your smile goals to help you figure out which is best for you.

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Most insurances pay for partials at 50 percent leaving you with a 50% copay. We are in-network with most insurances so you get an in-network discount as well. If you don’t have insurance we have a Discount Dental Plan you can sign up to be a member of to save on costs as well as payment plan options to get you started on your treatment right away. Call us for a free consultation or request an appointment online.

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