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For many, going to the dentist twice a year for a routine cleaning and exam is normal. Most insurance plans allow two cleanings a year, so why not use it. You pay a monthly premium to the insurance company to be able to utilize the benefits. If you need a filling or root canal or even braces, you use our insurance. But for approximately 74 Million Americans, it’s not that simple. Twenty three percent of the US population does not have dental insurance whether it is from working for a small business or place of employment that simply doesn’t offer it, or it could be that people are retired or even unemployed without an option for affordable dental insurance.

Due to a lack of insurance benefits, there are millions of people who are lacking in proper oral care. People who do not get regular, routine cleanings and exams are more likely to develop gum disease, tooth decay, bone loss and even forms of oral cancer.  

Many independent insurance companies offer private dental insurance plans, however, these are typically more expensive than a plan offered through a place of employment due to the group discount on premiums that the company or organization is able to negotiate with the insurance company.

Other people choose to pay out of pocket but that can be costly as well, since there isn’t the negotiated discounted fee that insurance companies pass on to their subscribers.

Higginbotham Family Dental understands that there are several barriers and extenuating circumstances that can keep people from seeking the dental care they and their families deserve. In response, we have come up with an alternative to the no dental insurance dilemma, The HFD Discount Dental Plan. Annual membership in the Discount Dental Plan is available for all family sizes starting with individuals and growing to include spouses and/or children. The Discount Dental Plan includes two cleanings and exams per year with x-rays and fluoride treatments, one every six months. It also includes discounts on all treatment that a patient needs throughout a year.  There are several benefits to joining the Discount Dental Plan that typical dental insurance may not have. With the Discount Dental Plan membership, there are no waiting periods for eligibility and no deductibles. You cannot max out on discounts and there are no restrictions or clauses that negatively affect your treatment such as a missing tooth clause. The best part of the Discount Dental Plan is that your treatment can be started right away and you will know exactly how much your co-pay is without waiting to see if your insurance company will pay your claims. Also, regardless of which office you sign up for the Discount Dental Plan at, you are able to utilize it at any of the nine Higginbotham Family Dental offices in Arkansas, Tennessee and Missouri.

In order to become a member, you can sign a 12-month contract at one of our offices. The membership fee can be paid in full, which you receive an additional discount for, or patients can make a monthly payment for the amount due.

Along with all the benefits included in the Discount Dental Plan, members receive all the traditional amenities offered at Higginbotham Family Dental. We provide blankets, pillows and headphones at all our offices to help keep our patients calm and comfortable. We are also open until 6pm several nights a week at most offices as well as select Saturdays to provide more convenient hours for our patients. At Higginbotham Family Dental, our patients also enjoy Free Lifetime Whitening with custom-made whitening trays and bleaching gel at no cost.

Once a patient is a member of the Discount Dental Plan, they can also take advantage of our zero interest, In-House Financing to help with the out of pocket cost of any dental treatment they will need after the DDP discount. In-House Financing is available starting with treatment fee amounts of $500 or more with easy monthly payments.

For more information regarding the Discount Dental Plan including membership options and fees, visit our website at and select the Patients drop down menu and then Discount Dental Plan. You can also check out the In-House Financing application and even request an appointment at the office of your convenience on our website.

Don’t let not having dental insurance keep you from making your overall dental health a priority in 2019. Take advantage of this amazing dental insurance alternative and sign up for the Higginbotham Family Dental Discount Dental Plan today.

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