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At Higginbotham Family Dental, we make getting the dental treatment you need easy and affordable. To request a dental appointment, fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you to schedule a time convenient for you. We know your time is very valuable, so we recommend scheduling during the morning hours, Monday through Friday, to decrease your chance for delays during our busy, high-demand afternoon and weekend times.  Please contact one of our locations if you need immediate assistance.  We look forward to meeting you and taking care of your dental needs.

For Saturday and after hours appointments please call your local office for availability.  

Southwest Dr. Jonesboro, AR

Office Number: (870) 932-8585

Fax Number: (870) 932-0949

[email protected]

Hilltop Jonesboro, AR

Office Number: (870) 333-1352

Fax Number: (870) 333-1364

[email protected]

Paragould, AR

Office Number: (870) 215-0058

Fax Number: (870) 565-1029

[email protected]

Blytheville, AR

Office Number:(870) 762-1331

Fax Number: (870) 762-0699

[email protected]

West Memphis, AR

Office Number: (870)-225-2500

Fax Number: (870) 225-2504

[email protected]

Little Rock, AR

Office Phone: (501) 673-3905

Office Fax: (501) 673-3910

[email protected]

Harbor Town Memphis, TN

Office Number: (901) 453-6081

Fax Number: (901) 453-6083

[email protected]

East Memphis, TN

Office Number: (901) 767-1610

Fax Number: (901) 763-2273

[email protected]

Bartlett, TN

Office Number: (901)377-5060

Fax Number: 901-382-5158

[email protected]

Kennett, MO

Office Number: (573) 888-9944

Fax Number: (573) 888-9789

[email protected]