Root Canal Dentist in Bartlett, TN

Root Canal Dentist 

We offer same-day treatment as well as 0% Interest Dental Payment Plans to our patients in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri. Ready to get started on your root canal? Simply request an appointment online and don’t wait any longer for your root canal treatment.

Is getting a Root Canal painful?

No, getting a root canal at our clinic is not painful. We administer oral anesthetic as needed to the patient to make sure they feel no discomfort. The tooth is hurting now, but after the root canal treatment, that tooth will never feel hot, cold, or sensitive again. We offer many options for sedation in our offices. We have conscious sedation with oral medication, digital nitrous virtual reality goggles, nitrous-oxide, and IV sedation so that every patient is comfortable and at ease during their dental treatment. To learn more about using sedation in our office, request an appointment online, and we will discuss your options with you.

Should I get a Root Canal or Extraction?

At Higginbotham Family Dental, we always want to save your teeth. If it is possible to get a root canal and not have to get an extraction that is always your best option. We want patients to be able to keep their own teeth as long as possible. If the tooth can no longer be saved by a root canal and your only option is an extraction, you can look into getting a dental implant to fill the gap. This is one of the many reasons why we offer payment plan options for our patients so that they can afford the dental treatment that they need. Request an appointment online and we can go over all your dental options with you! To find all of our offices, please visit our locations page.


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