TMJ Therapy in Blytheville

When jaw joints (temporomandibular joints or TMJ) are misaligned, patients may experience antagonistic symptoms such as:

Ringing ears
Popping or clicking jaws
Pain in the face, neck, shoulders, or mouth
Tooth wear from grinding and clenching
Tingling in the extremities
Difficulty opening and closing the mouth
Headaches, and even migraines

If these symptoms sound familiar, we may be able to offer relief through non-surgical TMJ therapy. We can assess your jaw, dentition, and muscles to determine whether TMJ is the source of your pain. Then, with a comfortable, custom-molded oral splint, your jaw can be re-positioned for relief. For bruxism (clenching and grinding), we may recommend a preventive nightguard to keep teeth apart while you sleep.

Schedule your TMJ assessment today by calling any of our dental offices. We want you to look good, be healthy, an feel fantastic!

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