Visiting A Dentist With No Insurance in Jonesboro, AR

Are you needing to visit a dentist in Jonesboro, AR with no insurance coverage? Higginbotham Family Dental in Jonesboro, AR has a solution for you. It’s called the Discount Dental Plan and can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on dental treatment. To discuss payment plans further Contact Us Today to discuss your options.  Request An Appointment Today!

Can You Visit The Dentist Without Dental Insurance?

YES! You can go to the dentist without dental insurance. Most people without dental insurance only visit the dentist when it is an emergency or they are in pain.

How Much Does It Cost To Visit The Dentist With No Dental Insurance?

Higginbotham Family Dental in Jonesboro, AR understands that there are several barriers and extenuating circumstances that can keep people from seeking the dental care that they and their families deserve. In response, we have come up with an alternative to the no dental insurance dilemma, The HFD Discount Dental Plan. Lastly, the annual membership in the Discount Dental Plan is available for all family sizes starting with individuals and growing to include spouses and/or children.
Visiting A Dentist With No Insurance In Jonesboro, AR

How Do I Sign Up For The Discount Dental Plan?

In order to become a member of the Discount Dental Plan at Higginbotham Family Dental, you must sign a 12-month contract at our offices in Jonesboro, AR. The membership can be paid in full,  you receive an additional discount for, or can make a monthly payment. Finally to complete you will need to either pay in full or bring a personal check in order to set up the auto-draft for the payment option. Your plan will then be valid for 1 year.

Emergency Dental Visits In Jonesboro, AR?

The Discount Dental Plan at Higginbotham Family Dental can be used for emergency dental visits at our Jonesboro, AR office. The DDP entitles you to 2 free exams each year.  If you need dental treatment you  can take advantage of our 0% In-House Financing to help with the cost of any dental treatment they will need. In-House Financing is available starting with treatment fee amounts of $500 or more with easy monthly payments. More information on our Discount Dental Plan and Dental Payment Plans can be found at these links. Don’t let not having dental insurance keep you from making your overall dental health a priority in 2019. Take advantage of this amazing dental insurance alternative and sign up for the Higginbotham Family Dental Discount Dental Plan today or Request Your Appointment Today. 

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