What Is Sedation Dentistry?
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DOES DENTAL ANXIETY make it difficult for you to keep up with your regular dental appointments? Sedation dentistry could be the solution you’ve been looking for so that your teeth can get the professional care they need to stay healthy.

 What Is Sedation Dentistry? What are your options?

We offer Sedation Dentistry to our patients, if they express feeling anxiety and fear for their future dental treatment. There are many types of sedation we offer. From the extreme of working out of an oral surgeon’s office, to an in-office use of nitrous oxide. For severe anxiety we, offer sedation sleep dentistry from our neighboring Oral Surgeons office on Southwest Drive in Jonesboro, AR. The oral surgeon will administer IV sedation while the dentist and/or hygienist perform the dental treatment needed.  The patient can have needed treatment completed all at once and never feel a thing. This typically is a longer appointment, sometimes done after hours, and can be very costly due to the oral surgeon’s hourly sedation cost. Another option is conscious sedation: We do offer conscious sedation at most of our locations. With conscious sedation, it is very similar to sleep sedation except you are awake. It is similar because you are medicated and monitored during the procedure, but you won’t remember or feel anything. The medication during this sedation is taken the night before, an hour before and throughout the procedure. You are awake and aware, but the medication causes all your anxiety to go away. Most don’t even remember getting their work done. Both types of Sedation require the patient to have a driver and it is recommended to not eat 12 hours before the procedures. We have other types of sedation as well that are a little more cost efficient for someone with light anxiety or dental fear. There is of course nitrous oxide, or to some it is known as laughing gas. This is a mild type of sedation often used on kids and patients a little nervous about their treatment, this will be given before and during treatment to keep the patient relaxed and calm. Finally, the newest type of sedation we have is Virtual Reality Goggles. This is the latest technology out in dentistry. It is a calming method that patients have really come to enjoy. You can pair up the goggles with headphones for a full experience. You can be dreaming on a beach, walking the streets of London, or in a beautiful rainforest, all while getting your dental treatment done. Your mind is so relaxed any fear you once had is now gone. Nitrous Oxide or the virtual reality sedation are often used for lighter procedures or even cleanings for anxious patients.  To find out about any of these sedation options at Higginbotham Family Dental please call any our offices or request an appointment online from our website for a free cosmetic consult or exam.

Are You A Candidate For Sedation Dentistry?

Patients that are healthy with no blood pressure issues or medical conditions are usually able to receive some form of sedation during dental procedures without any problems. Those that have some medical conditions related to knee surgeries, heart related issues, etc., may require a medical clearance from their family doctor. If patients are on any type of medication that they have to stop taking before dental procedures, they may not be a candidate unless cleared by their treating physician. Our dentists work closely with patient’s medical doctors to make sure all necessary measures are taken before starting dental treatment, but especially if any type of sedation is needed.  For the virtual reality sedation goggles we recommend them to anyone except those that may be Claustrophobic and are more anxious in tight spaces.


Bring Us Your Questions About Sedation Dentistry

Your days of staying away from the dentist’s office because of dental anxiety or fear are over! With our practice’s sedation dentistry options, you can be comfortable and relaxed while we take care of your teeth and gums. If you have any questions about sedation dentistry, just give us a call and we’ll be glad to answer them.

We want every patient to feel comfortable in our practice!

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