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What is Invisalign?

Some patients that want to straighten their teeth for a more confident smile have Invisalign treatment as an option. What is Invisalign? Well, it is a cosmetic orthodontic dental treatment that can replace the old traditional metal braces. Invisalign can also be an alternative to a full cosmetic makeover with veneers and porcelain crowns. Invisalign are clear aligners you can wear on one arch or both arches of your teeth. They move teeth until they are straight and aligned. Every dentist at Higginbotham Family Dental can provide free cosmetic consultations. They examine to see if patients are a candidate for Invisalign treatment to straighten teeth. If Invisalign treatment is not the best option, then the dentist will give patients other options to choose from. We want to help you make the best decision on which treatment will help your goal of a confident smile.

Invisalign in Memphis, TN

How does it work?

Invisalign works differently than most traditional metal braces. It is a clear aligner that fits tightly around your upper and lower arch. You will typically transition into new trays every two weeks in order for your teeth to achieve their desired position. The Invisalign trays pop in easily over the entire arch, so patients can wear them comfortably all day and night. The final set of trays will be your removable retainer to wear at night to maintain your new smile and to prevent your teeth from moving back to their original position.


How much does Invisalign cost?

Invisalign costs will vary on many factors. One factor is the amount of time you will be in your trays and how many trays you will need. Your out-of-pocket expense will also depend on if insurance applies to your copay. Also, an additional factor is if you have dental insurance and if it is out-of-network or in-network fees. Typically, Invisalign treatment can range from $2,500 to $8,000. It is best to go to Higginbotham Family Dental for a free Invisalign cosmetic consultation to get your cost estimates. This appointment is also the time to discuss payment plan arrangements. There are several payment plan options that are in-house as well as through third-party vendors. Due to all the financing options at Higginbotham Family Dental, Invisalign treatment is affordable and patients can start treatment on the same day as the free cosmetic consultation.

Who is a candidate for Invisalign treatment?

Everyone is a candidate for Invisalign. If the patient is young and still growing, they can be a candidate for Invisalign, but our office usually recommends our younger patients to an orthodontist for their orthodontic treatment. Some older teenagers can be good candidates for orthodontic treatment if their teeth are fully developed and need slight changes. Most adults are strong candidates once any decay has been treated and their gums are healthy. We recommend Invisalign for patients that have teeth crowding, crooked teeth, or spaces between their teeth. Some teeth problems are easier to fix than others with Invisalign, like crowding or spacing.

Will Invisalign fix crooked teeth?

Yes, Invisalign will fix crooked teeth. One of the main reasons our patients choose Invisalign is to straighten their smiles. Invisalign is one of the best options to straighten crooked and crowded teeth. It is also one of the fastest orthodontic options. Clear aligners are even an easier option for crooked teeth than braces since brackets are sometimes hard to fit on crowded teeth.

Will Invisalign fix an overbite?

Yes, clear aligners can fix a slight overbite. However, not all overbites are the same. So, the orthodontic treatments will vary depending on if the overbite is slight or severe. Teeth and bite issues are different for everyone, but it can fix overbites for anyone. However, some cases will just take longer than others due to needing more trays. Some factors a dentist will look at when using Invisalign to fix an overbite are the patient’s age, the severity of the overbite, and how well is the patient handling the treatment.

What are the benefits of Invisalign over traditional braces?

One of the biggest advantages some patients choose Invisalign over traditional braces is convenience. Invisalign is a removable tray and not permanent brackets, which is a very strong appeal to most patients.

Invisalign, when provided by an experienced provider, can correct virtually any tooth or bite issue. There are times that braces, or a combination of braces with Invisalign, may result in a shorter or more ideal treatment outcome. Some patients choose Invisalign over traditional braces for bite problems or to only move a few teeth because it is quicker with Invisalign. Some reasons a patient with teeth concerns that are not considered minor and would choose traditional braces over Invisalign are:

  • Impacted teeth that won’t grow in on their own
  • Missing teeth that require closing large amounts of space
  • Teeth that are really high up and need to be brought down

Invisalign Treatment

Which insurance covers Invisalign?

Every insurance that has orthodontic coverage will cover treatment. Some insurance will have an age limit on orthodontic coverage, and some do not. At Higginbotham Family Dental, we verify your dental insurance to find out your orthodontic coverage. This will help us give you the best estimate possible during your dental visit. If you are not sure of your coverage, you can call our office to make an appointment, and we will find out for you. You can also request an appointment online from our website.

How long do I have to wear my trays per day?

We encourage patients to wear their Invisalign trays all day. You can remove the Invisalign trays while eating and while you brush your teeth. You don’t need to wear your trays when you eat, but do need to put them back in after you eat. Patients that skip days or only wear their trays for a few hours a day will not see results as fast as they would prefer and will end up in the treatment longer than expected.

When will I see results?

Results with Invisalign can be seen in just a few months, but the duration of treatment varies from person to person. Patients typically wear the trays for 6 months or more, depending on the severity of their dental issues. Compliance is key to finishing treatment on time, as patients who wear their trays as directed and switch them out every two weeks are more likely to achieve their desired results within12 months. Patients who do not follow the recommended time frame may experience longer treatment times. If you’re looking to straighten your teeth, schedule a consultation at any of our offices in Memphis or Bartlett, TN. We also offer Invisalign at our other Higginbotham Family Dental locations in Arkansas and Missouri.

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