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Locations in AR, TN, MO

Patient Forms at Higginbotham Family Dental

Patient paperwork is no longer available on our website. For your convenience, text or call the office to request a link to your patient paperwork or records.

Hilltop Jonesboro, AR

Office Number: (870) 333-1352

Fax Number: (870) 333-1364

[email protected]

Southwest Dr. Jonesboro, AR

Office Number: (870) 932-8585

Fax Number: (870) 932-0949

[email protected]

Paragould, AR

Office Number: (870) 215-0058

Fax Number: (870) 565-1029

[email protected]

Blytheville, AR

Office Number:(870) 762-1331

Fax Number: (870) 762-0699

[email protected]

Kennett, MO

Office Number: (573) 888-9944

Fax Number: (573) 888-9789

[email protected]

West Memphis, AR

Office Number: (870)-225-2500

Fax Number: (870) 225-2504

[email protected]

Harbor Town Memphis, TN

Office Number: (901) 453-6081

Fax Number: (901) 453-6083

[email protected]

East Memphis, TN

Office Number: (901) 767-1610

Fax Number: (901) 763-2273

[email protected]

Bartlett, TN

Office Number: (901)377-5060

Fax Number: 901-382-5181

[email protected]

Collierville, TN

Office Number: (901) 853-8116

Fax Number: (901) 853-0134

[email protected]

If you have any questions regarding your specific dental needs please contact your local dental office! 

If you have general dentistry questions please check out our frequently asked questions page! If you have any additional questions we would be happy to help.