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At Higginbotham Family Dental, we are committed to your oral health care by providing an extraordinary dental experience to all of our patients at our Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri locations. So, contact us today to get started on your smile journey.

If you would like to contact an office directly, each office’s contact information is listed below. Remember, you can now text the direct office number as well as call and e-mail. If you contact an office outside of normal business hours, we will do our best to reply within 24 hours. 

Southwest Dr. Jonesboro, AR

Office Number: (870) 932-8585

Fax Number: (870) 932-0949

Email: [email protected]

Hilltop Jonesboro, AR

Office Number: (870)-333-1352

Fax Number: (870) 333-1364

Email: [email protected]

Paragould, AR

Office Number: (870) 215-0058

Fax Number: (870) 565-1029

Email: [email protected]

Blytheville, AR

Office Number: (870) 762-1331

Fax Number: (870) 762-0699

Email: [email protected]

West Memphis, AR

Office Number: (870) 225-2500

Fax Number: (870) 225-2504

Email: [email protected]

Little Rock, AR

Office Number: (501) 673-3905

Fax Number: (501) 673-3910

Email: [email protected]

Harbor Town Memphis, TN

Office Number: (901) 453-6081

Fax Number: (901) 453-6083

Email: [email protected]

East Memphis, TN

Office Number: (901) 767-1610

Fax Number: (901) 763-2273

Email: [email protected]

Bartlett, TN

Office Number: (901) 377-5060

Fax Number: (901) 382-5158

Email: [email protected]

Kennett, MO

Office Number: (573) 888-9944

Fax Number: (573) 888-9789

Email: [email protected]