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Restorative Dentistry with Fillings and Dental Crowns

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is the part of dentistry that focuses on repairing or replacing a tooth to restore its function and/or appearance. The term applies to different types of “restorative” procedures such as cavity fillings, root canals, dental crowns, implants, and more. Since it pertains to both tooth functionality and appearance, the benefits of restorative dentistry are not limited to restoring patients’ tooth but also enhancing their smile. 


Filling gaps or empty spaces in the mouth leads to proper alignment. Therefore, apart from improving dental health, some restorative dentistry procedures can also help increase a person’s self-esteem and confidence. In addition, this branch of dentistry can prevent the occurrence of future dental ailments, resulting in overall better oral health, of course, if good dental care and hygiene are maintained.

Full Mouth Reconstruction with Porcelain Crowns

Full mouth reconstruction is the rebuilding and replacing of all teeth in a patient’s mouth. Emergencies, extensive decay, disease, or damage can destroy a smile. Whether your smile has fallen victim to injury or years of oral neglect, our dentists’ skills in restorative dental work can rejuvenate your smile and give you the confidence you deserve. Your smile makeover will begin with an extensive discussion of your smile goals. Dr. Higginbotham and his associates will then conduct a comprehensive exam to determine which procedures would be best for you.

Your full mouth reconstruction plan will be presented with digital images, X-rays, and/or models and diagrams, so you’ll fully understand their recommendations. We welcome your questions, because the more you know, the wiser your decisions will be. Full mouth reconstruction can give you the strong, healthy, comfortable, and functional smile you need to enjoy life.

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Dental Crowns, In-lays & On-lays

When a tooth incurs extensive decay, significant damage, or a crack, your dentist may recommend a crown, inlay, on-lay, or a bridge to restore the strength, structure, and functionality of the tooth. Dental crowns are created in a laboratory from materials that mimic natural tooth structures. A crown fits snugly over the portion of a tooth that extends above the gum line. Inlays and on-lays, also made in a dental lab, fit inside a hole left behind by tooth decay. We take pride in your new smile and make sure they look as natural as the rest of your teeth. From the shape, color, and length, no detail is too minor to ensure we restore your smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Our dentists want to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. So when cavities sneak in to steal your smile, they may recommend tooth-colored fillings. In years past, dark, obvious amalgam was the filling material of choice. However, because of advances in modern dentistry, a cavity can now be replaced with tooth-colored fillings.


After gentle removal of decay, we will tint the composite resin filling to blend with your existing teeth. We will work with you to match your natural tooth color. We will place the resin material, then cure it with a special light and sculpt the tooth-colored filling to maintain your proper bite. Fillings will last a lifetime as long as you have regular cleanings and exam appointments throughout the year. Tooth-colored fillings give patients the confident smile that they need. For patients with any dental anxiety, while getting their cavities filled, they can request nitrous oxide or our free virtual reality goggles to help them relax.

Dental Bridge

Don’t let lost and missing teeth steal your spectacular smile. Missing teeth are not only cosmetically unappealing, but tooth gaps can cause your teeth on either side to shift and loosen. 

Your dentist may recommend a dental bridge to return you to a full, functional smile. After having a root canal or several dental extractions, bridges are a great option. We work with a trusted dental lab, which creates lifelike prosthetic teeth for our patients. First, patients will have impressions and molds taken at our office. Your bridge will then consist of a row of false teeth, that are custom-made to match your existing occlusion and tooth color. The bridge will connect to two abutment crowns placed on teeth that surround the gap. Inconspicuous clasps make the bridge appear natural. This process is completely safe and also non-surgical, with minimal pain and recovery time.

dental bridge

If you need multiple bridges, you may want to consider a dental implant bridge. Dental implants use a titanium screw in the jawbone to anchor a dental crown and are a more permanent option. A dental implant bridge can also cover several missing teeth with only one or two screws at a time as well.

Enjoy restored oral function and beauty with a dental bridge. If your smile is missing teeth, schedule a comprehensive evaluation and consultation. We can’t wait to make you smile!

Financing/Payment Options 

We know treatment may not be in the budget during emergencies, so we offer in-house dental payment plan options. If you prefer a third party for your financing, you can go to Care Credit and apply through their site, or you can apply for our in-house dental payment plans.

If you do not have dental insurance to help with the cost of treatment, we recommend signing up to be a member of our Discount Dental Plan.

The discount plan can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on your treatment and cleanings a year. For example, members can benefit up to $200 off per crown. Most importantly, they can save over $500 in yearly cleaning, exams, x-rays, and fluoride treatment. In addition, the plan can help members maintain cleaning visits twice a year, so their 5-year restorative warranty will stay valid.

Schedule an appointment, don’t waste another day wishing for a strong and beautiful smile!