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Oral Surgery & TMJ Therapy

Oral Surgery and TMJ Therapy

Many general dentists are not able to perform oral surgery and TMJ therapy, but at Higginbotham Family Dental, Dr. Higginbotham and his associate dentists are highly trained and certified to perform these extra procedures. Read below to see if oral surgery or TMJ therapy is right for you!


Sometimes oral surgery treatment is necessary to restore full oral health. So all of our locations offer many types of oral surgery. Some oral surgery can be performed the same day as your x-rays and exams. More complicated or complex treatment, that requires advanced sedation, may need to be scheduled back for another day. We do most simple, surgical and wisdom teeth extractions. But if we are not able to pull a tooth for a patient we will refer out to a trusted oral surgeon to get the treatment taken care of. So, the types of oral surgery that we can do in our offices includes wisdom teeth extractions, biopsies, bone graphs, dental implants, and more. Request an appointment today, and let us help you start your journey to better oral health!


When jaw joints (temporomandibular joints or TMJ) are misaligned, patients may experience antagonistic symptoms such as:

Ringing ears
Popping or clicking jaws
Pain in the face, neck, shoulders, or mouth
Tooth wear from grinding and clenching
Tingling in the extremities
Difficulty opening and closing the mouth
Headaches, and even migraines

If these symptoms sound familiar, we may be able to offer relief through non-surgical TMJ therapy. We can assess your jaw, dentition, and muscles to determine whether TMJ is the source of your pain. Then, with a comfortable, custom-molded oral splint, your jaw can be re-positioned for relief. For bruxism (clenching and grinding), we may recommend a preventive nightguard to keep teeth apart while you sleep.

Schedule your TMJ assessment today by calling any of our dental offices. We want you to look good, be healthy, an feel fantastic!

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