Gum Disease

Periodontal Gum Disease

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is the leading cause of tooth loss in US adults. As a result, Dr. Higginbotham and his associates have an extensive periodontal department. At your first appointment, a hygienist will assess your gums for signs of disease. The hygienist will check your gums, and see how deep the pockets are and how much buildup is present. We will then show you photographs as well as x-rays. We want to make sure patients understand the diagnosis and treatment recommendations. If we detect problems, gum therapy may include preventive care, scaling, root planing, and/or Arestin antibiotics. Severe periodontal cases may require surgery. Some patients may be a little nervous about the gum disease therapy treatment, but we offer a wide variety of calming amenities for these visits.

We have things like virtual reality goggles, massaging chairs, and gas that we can offer to make it the best dental experience during treatment. To learn more about amenities we offer during periodontal gum disease treatment, visit our FAQ’s page

Rest assured, gum disease can be treated, reversed, and damaged tissue repaired with periodontal therapy. However, early treatment is best because gum disease is linked to an increased risk of stroke, heart disease, and pregnancy complications.


When patients brush their teeth and find that their gums are swollen, tender, red, or bleed, a likely diagnosis is Gingivitis, the first-stage periodontal disease. Bad breath is also another symptom for patients to consider from this diagnosis. At this stage, with proper treatment at our office, we can reverse the symptoms and restore you to a healthy smile. Call or text today to schedule your checkup or bi-annual hygiene appointment.

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