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Modern Dental Technology

Over the years, modern dental innovations have made dentistry more precise. Which in turn, provides a better aesthetic, and longer-lasting smiles. At Higginbotham Family Dental,  we use intraoral cameras and digital X-rays. The x-ray machine photographs patients’ mouths for a more accurate diagnosis.  Our dentists will first present their dental treatment plan by sharing these images with the patient. Secondly, pointing out problem areas and explaining treatment options on chairside monitors.


We have also recently introduced Teledentistry to our patients. Teledentistry is a virtual dental digital exam and assessment with a licensed, clinical professional. Firstly, the best part is that it is from the comfort of your home or office via mobile text or video chat. Secondly, patients can receive treatment recommendations, office referrals, and even prescriptions all via Teledentistry. In addition to getting diagnosed conveniently from work or home, it is quick and easy for anyone to use.

iTero Scanner

For those patients interested in braces, we offer 3-D Mouth Scanning with the iTero scanner. The iTero is able to take a full 3-D digital scan of a patient’s mouth and show what the outcome of Invisalign Clear Aligners would look like. This new state of the art scanner is much more comfortable for patients. For example, they no longer have to take as many impression molds. This scanner can digitally scan their mouth and be sent to the lab to start creating trays so the patient, so the patient can get started quickly.

Dental technology and 3D x-rays

Paperless Charts

Our dental offices are also paperless, so that means we have digital charts and records. Therefore allowing for easy access and transfer of information. Most Importantly paperless charts also improve the security of a patient’s personal information. If you have questions about our dental technology, digital records, or state-of-the-art equipment, please let us know. Above all, our patients’ oral health is our number one priority and we pride ourselves on providing the very best in dental technology for their benefit.

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