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So you’re ready to brighten your smile for the holidays with a dentist who whitens teeth. A bright, beautiful smile could be just one dental whitening treatment away! Before treatment begins, however, you must have a consultation appointment to determine whether your teeth are healthy enough to whiten. Luckily, at Higginbotham Family Dental, this cosmetic consultation is completely free of charge!

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Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment - What You Need to Know

  • Avoid staining your teeth before your dental whitening consultation. 


  • Your teeth must be healthy enough for treatment (no decay).


  • Restorations such as crowns, veneers, or implants cannot be whitened.

Why Do I Need a Dentist Who Whitens Teeth?

While there are many at-home options for teeth whitening, an in-office dental whitening treatment will provide results in as little as one hour. In fact, those results may even be brighter teeth than a weeks worth of bleach strips could bring! Additionally, it is much safer to have a dentist who whitens teeth provide treatment. Many times, whitening products can contain harsh chemicals that can weaken enamel and damage the tooth. 

Patients at Higginbotham Family Dental are provided four different whitening treatment options, including Boost and Zoom. What’s more, all patients who request free whitening are gifted safe-to-use whitening trays at every hygiene appointment!  Since whitening needs maintenance anyway, HFD patients have easy access to keep their beautiful smiles bright!

Tips To Follow Before Your Dental Whitening Treatment

Keeping your beautiful smile in perfect shape over the holidays might seem impossible, especially with the many sweet treats that accompany the season. Nevertheless, there are plenty of opportunities to make healthy choices where your teeth are concerned.

Dentist Who Whitens Teeth for Holidays

Schedule a Post-Holiday Cleaning Appointment

If you’re still concerned about your oral health, go ahead and schedule that cleaning for after your holiday gathering! Higginbotham Family Dental will make sure you get the most out of your cleaning, by providing that FREE cosmetic consultation in the same appointment!  If you’re searching for a Dentist who whitens teeth, Higginbotham Family Dental will provide the best experience. Schedule your appointment conveniently online at any of their 10 locations!

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