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What are the benefits of Having a Family Dental Office Near Me?

Dental health is essential – and many people know that. It isn’t always convenient, though. A family dental office will simplify the process of maintaining good oral health while strengthening trust between your entire family and your dentist. They will work to foster a meaningful relationship with your local community. Here are four benefits of having a family dental office open in your town.

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1. Convenient Dental Care Scheduling

When you’re scheduling children’s pediatric dentistry appointments at a completely different office than your own, juggling check-ups, booster shots, and after-school activities gets hectic. In fact, many people simply won’t prioritize scheduling a child’s dental appointment until they’ve grown many of their adult teeth (which only contributes to a very popular fear of dentists). Many Dentists now have ways to schedule an appointment online through their website. Higginbotham Family Dental has this service. In fact, you can schedule an appointment for the whole family by calling or texting their office.

2. Avoid Dental Anxiety in Children and Adults

Not only does a family dental office cater to all ages, but it also becomes easy to track oral health as kids mature into adulthood. Furthermore, dentists and young patients are able to develop long-lasting relationships that foster learning about the best way to perform dental care between visits. Even for teens and adults, many dentists are willing to take extra measures to build that trust and help patients relax into dental treatment or routine care. HFD offers services such as digital nitrous with VR goggles, nitrous oxide (gas), anti-anxiety medication, and more to help patients feel comfortable during their visit. 

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3. Family Dental Membership with Discounts

In addition to having the versatility to tailor services to individual patient needs, some family dental clinics can offer payment plans for patients to pay in-house over time for their dental treatment. At Higginbotham Family Dental, not only do they offer a Payment Plan but patients who don’t have dental insurance (or would rather not use insurance) are offered a Discount Dental Membership. With a down payment and a low monthly cost,this not only provides discounts on services with no waiting period, but includes two bi-annual cleanings, exams, fluoride treatments and x-rays! 

4. Involvement in Serving Your Local Community

Naturally, having affordable quality dental care available for day-of treatment that can be scheduled online will benefit the local community. HFD, however, enjoys going the extra mile in service and community involvement. From getting involved with charities to participating in Christmas parades, Higginbotham Family Dental is proud to be a family dentist in your town. 

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