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Prepare for Your Appointment

After you floss and scrub your teeth spotless at home, it’s always helpful to show up ten to fifteen minutes early to the dentist, even for your FREE Invisalign consultation! This way you can fill out any paperwork that might be needed, get acquainted with your dentist’s office, check in for your appointment, and discuss the Invisalign cost. We send your paper work electronically so that you can answer it at your convenience – but we still recommend that you arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment.

Have These Questions Written Down Before Your Appointment

Everyone’s experience with Invisalign is different, so it may be difficult for your dentist to answer specific questions like “how much does this cost,” or, “how long will my treatment last?” before an exam.  You receive the most accurate answers after your dentist creates a plan specifically for you based on your 3-D digital iTero scan. That being said, there is still plenty of information the doctor provides you in this cosmetic consultation.

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Ask Your Dentist at Your Free Invisalign Consultation

This is a great question for your dentist in your cosmetic consultation, as answers vary!

After you decide to pursue your dream smile with Invisalign, your first appointment consists of your iTero digital scan and treatment planning!

Yes! Because treatment visits focus primarily on your teeth alignment, it is important to continue your normal hygiene visits twice yearly. Double-check this with your dentist (they may want to schedule a treatment and hygiene appointment for the same day/time)!

This may depend on your treatment plan, but appointments are usually scheduled every 4–8 weeks. These appointments help monitor your progress with your trays. As long as you are only in the chair for your Invisalign treatment progress, and not a cleaning, expect to spend less than 30 minutes at your dentist. 

Since your aligners are easily removed when you eat, there are no dietary restrictions during your treatment! Remember to brush your teeth before you put them back on to prevent food from lodging in your teeth and gums.

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Know What To Do When Things Go Wrong

Clean your aligners with a soft toothbrush and store them properly when you’re not wearing them. This should help dispel a few situations they may be likely to break or become lost. However, if something happens to your aligners, make sure you schedule an appointment right away to get a replacement! Know that there might be an extra cost for replacing aligners.

If you feel that your aligners are not fitting your teeth well, contact your dentist or orthodontist right away. This might cause a brief delay in treatment, while new trays are ordered from the lab. On the other hand, you might simply be given aligner tray seaters (a small, soft device to chew on that will help ease air bubbles out of your aligners and help settle the tray flush to your teeth).

The Final Question: What Are My Payment and Insurance Options?

Many dental insurance policies cover the cost of Invisalign. If your insurance has orthodontic coverage, it will most likely cover a certain percentage of your treatment. You can check with your insurance company, or your benefits’ manager, or look at your benefits package under the “orthodontics” section.  To see what insurance policies we are in-network with, visit our insurance page. Office visits without insurance while being interested in Invisalign is completely fine, payment plan options can be tailored to anyone! We believe every patient deserves to have the smile of their dreams, so that is why we offer payment plan options to help manage the cost of orthodontic treatment, such as Invisalign, and make it more affordable. Read more about our payment plans and our Discount Dental Plan to learn more information on these services. We also accept third-party financing such as Care Credit.

What Should You Expect from Your FREE Invisalign Consultation?

Your cosmetic consultation allows you to meet the dentist or orthodontist, ask questions about Invisalign, and discuss cosmetic dentistry options.

If you’re ready to book your consultation, go ahead and schedule an appointment. If you’d like to read more about Invisalign, visit our Invisalign page. We look forward to helping you reach your goal of a straighter smile!