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The Right Insurance For Your Budget

There are a few things and tips to consider before choosing your insurance plan. A dental HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plan usually has has lower premiums and copayments for preventative treatment. However, there will likely be limits to the number of visits, treatments, and/or diagnostic tests you can receive in a calendar year. While this is typically more cost-effective, a PPO (Preferred Provider Organizations) plan allows a larger amount of flexibility when choosing your dentist. There is also a larger pool of dentists in the network from which to choose. 

Either way, once you decide on a plan, it is essential to make sure that the doctor you chose is in the network at the location you will be seen at. You can call Higginbotham Family Dental to clarify if these dentists are in network with your insurance plan before you schedule an appointment. 

Pay Attention to Waiting Periods!

While there is usually no waiting period for preventative dental care, it is common to have to wait three to six months before getting treatments like a filling or basic extraction. If you need implants, dentures, or even an extraction that requires surgery, you could have to wait longer. Many plans require waiting three months to a year to receive these treatments. Be sure you pay attention to these waiting periods in the fine print of your insurance policy. A terrible case scenario would be to receive treatment under the impression that the cost is covered by insurance, only to have to pay that fee out of pocket! Luckily, Higginbotham Family Dental understands that patients rely on staff to inform them of the ins and outs of their policy, and Financial Coordinators are great at communicating costs and coverage with Insurance and with you.

What Is the Maximum On the Policy?

Many people don’t reach the maximum on their insurance policy, but it is important to pay attention to what this number is set at. If the maximum is reached before the end of your benefit period, benefits stop. You are required to pay out of pocket for any additional treatment you receive before the start of your next benefit period.

If you’re worried about your dental annual maximum, some dentists may be willing to work out a payment plan that will allow you to continue receiving treatment. For example, Higginbotham Family Dental’s Discount Dental Plan includes hundreds in savings on preventative, restorative, and even cosmetic dental treatments.

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Higginbotham Family Dental Works With You

Higginbotham Family Dental is in-network with most plans. In fact, our insurance coordinators will even file it for you! They will even help you make the most of your insurance plans before the end of your benefits period. If you don’t use it, you lose those benefits and what is left of the maximum! You can find a convenient list of our dental insurance plan types in our Insurance page. If you do not think that we are in-network with your insurance, send us a message. We would be happy to answer your questions!

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