Root Canals In Dental Offices Near Me

We do root canals procedures in our offices in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri. Dr. Higginbotham and his associates are general dentists who perform root canal treatments for their patients. A root canal is a procedure to treat patients when a tooth has a root that shows to have inflammation or an infection. In the root canal procedure, we take out the pulp within the root. We then place a sealant material inside the root to save the tooth. The process is not painful and you don’t always have to go to a specialist for the treatment. The tooth and area around the tooth are numbed. There should be no pain after the procedure is done. Our dentist have many years of experience performing root canal treatments. They also attend many continuing education courses for the latest techniques and equipment for root canals. Get scheduled for root canal services at our Little Rock, Memphis, Jonesboro, or at any of our other dental office locations near you

 Crown and Build-Up

A dental crown and crown build-up may be needed depending on the severity of the decay with the tooth. Then after the root canal is complete, the tooth will go through treatment for a crown. The patient will leave with a temporary crown and will wear it until the permanent crown is ready. Once the permanent crown arrives in a few weeks, patients will then come back in to have it placed. If you are in dental pain and think you need a root canal procedure done at any of our offices in AR, MO, and TN, please call or text your local office or request an appointment today.

Post Root Canal

Many patients ask about what to expect after a root canal procedure is done. Most patients will not experience any pain once the procedure is done. The root is removed so any aches from before will be gone. There maybe slight discomfort after the treatment in the jaw from the strain of having your mouth open for a long period of time. However, this should eventually go away. There also might be some discomfort from the temporary crown or filling in place until the permanent crown is placed. If there is a pain that feels unbearable or unusual, then we suggest for patients to call our office for a post op appointment to make sure a retreat or adjustment is not needed.

Dental Payment Plans Near Me

We understand sometimes dental treatment can be costly for some patients. So we have an in-house dental payment plan and also accept Care Credit payment plans as options to help patients get started on treatment right away. If you have dental insurance prices will vary. Your insurance determines the fees that is charged for the root canal procedure. We use this fee to base patient estimates and copays that we will collect before your treatment starts. Cost with insurance will depend on coverage benefits. Some pay between 50-80 percent of the allowable fee. This is how our office determines the estimate we collect on the root canal procedure date. 

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