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Navigate Your Treatment for the Best Results

Things to Consider During Treatment

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your Invisalign treatment, be sure to follow the Invisalign tips and tricks provided by our doctors and staff. Skipping days can slow results. Schedule regular check-ups and care for aligners. Let us evaluate your progress and adjust the treatment if needed, with the help of our dentists and hygienists. 


Still, it will be best to try to stick to the instructed amount of time per day of wearing your aligners. This is how you will achieve the results you’re looking for! Our staff will provide lots of other tips throughout your treatment to help you, but below are some things we know you can’t do Invisalign without.

Get Top of the Line Results From Invisalign

  • Oral hygiene during your Invisalign treatment journey is im-per-a-tive. Those trays could press any leftover food into and between your teeth, and that becomes a breeding pin for bacteria. As long as you’re meticulous about proper hygiene, you’ll have shiny, clean teeth throughout the whole process! Hopefully, those healthy habits will stick around after, too!
  • Clean your aligner trays, not just your teeth. Basic cleaning includes brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and rinsing with water. You’ll be provided with some cleaning solutions at your appointment that will do the trick. You should clean your aligners every day!
  • Bring your aligner case EVERYWHERE. You will probably only take out your trays to eat for a few minutes, but you’ll do that about three or four times per day minimum! This is the most likely time that they will get lost or dirty. To reduce the vulnerability of these hugely expensive pieces of plastic, bring your aligner case wherever you go.
  • No gum or colored drinks! You could end up with slightly red or blue trays for days. If you want your aligner to stay clear, stick to water! NEVER drink hot beverages with your aligners in – the plastic could melt.

More Invisalign Tips

  • Mouthwash isn’t going to clean your Invisalign tray. We’re sorry, it isn’t. Buutttt our staff will provide you with exactly what will clean your trays super easily! Again, trays should be cleaned every day. You’re stuck with one for a whole week or more, so you definitely don’t want it to get grimy and colored.


  • You might have heard of the “Invisalign Diet.”  Many people’s tendency to snack lowers significantly during Invisalign treatment because of the extensive measures needed to clean their teeth before replacing them. While this can be a perk to some, it isn’t advisable to undergo Invisalign treatment with the intention of losing weight.


  • Switch out your aligners before you go to sleep. This way, you’ll sleep through the majority of the time you may experience discomfort from a new tray. By the time you wake, you’ll have adjusted a ton.


  • Don’t throw away your old trays. If one gets lost or turns a funky color because of something you drank or ate with them in, your progress could be put on hold or even lost while you wait for that new tray to come in. If you still have your previous aligner, wearing that could prevent your teeth from shifting back until you can make it to see us!
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Small Hassle = Big Results

If you’re considering Invisalign, it’s important to keep in mind that it requires a lot of effort. But don’t worry, there are several Invisalign tips and tricks that can help make the process smoother. While money is a significant investment, it’s not the only thing. You’ll also need to make some sacrifices when it comes to your daily routines and time spent at mid-treatment appointments. However, the more time you invest in your oral health, the more you’ll get out of it. Many people find the process meaningful as it raises their standards for oral hygiene, even if they’re also looking forward to their end results. 

Interested In Getting Invisalign?

View our “Make the Most of Your Invisalign Consultation” article or visit our Invisalign page to explore Invisalign further. If you have questions regarding payment options or insurance, you can call our office and speak to an insurance coordinator. Keep in mind that we also accept third-party payments such as care credit. We understand the importance of a healthy smile and strive to provide affordable options for dental and orthodontic care, which is why we also offer our Discount Dental Plan.